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Customer Comments & Photos

We hope you enjoy these pages.

It is a sprinkling of customer comments & photos,
as well as some of our favorite photos over the years.
We will be adding more pages over time.}

Duke in WI  ~credit: Jack Stephan

A few of our favorite B&W client photos.

Cooper in TN ~  Darren Seybold

Goose in FL  ~credit Kelsey Clarkson

Leo in Haines, AK  
~credit: Jacobson family friend

labrador looking out the window

~ Miss "Millie" Blanchard

a british lab and her boys

Rylan & Duke

Duke has done GREAT on his first couple of hunts. I was a little worried, because I had not had him on any live birds yet, but it didn't take him long at all to figure it out. 


I've been amazed at how easy Duke has been to work with and how eager he is to learn. So much more is just built in compared to any other pup I've had.

~Brian (Oklahoma)

Libby's dog,"Kluane",  joins her family's 1st dog, "Leo" (see B&W photo section).
They live in Haines, Alaska & own
Alaska Fjordlands, offering sightseeing boat tours & transportation. 
After a flurry of crazy travel (AR to MT to WA & finally AK), Klue spent his first day in AK with his family's charter of the crew of the televsion show,
Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet
{Watch for him~ we may be able to get you a free pawtograph!}

Callie says, "It's Nelly's world, and I'm just living in it!"

She is genuinely the sweetest, most lovable, well behaved puppy I have ever had. 

I love her more than anything!

Gpa & Little Nelly


From coast to coast,
they call it Puppy Love!

What's the best way to celebrate on your birthday?!


I think Dan's face answers that question!

The Buehners drove down from SD to pick up a their second Tallgrass pup. 

Tallgrass Maximus Decimus Meridius... we just call him "Max" turned two about a month ago.
Husker is hanging in there at 13. 

The ole boy (Tucker, not Dan😊) is still getting along pretty well for 12, and Wrigley is amazing. He is the sweetest boy ever and when I turn him loose in the field, he turns into a hard charging bird dog. Can’t say enough about our Tallgrass boys and what a huge part of our lives they have been.  
       ~ Dan, Sheryl & family in Minnesota

John & Lisa's "Cappy & Honcho"

This fun calendar is just one of the thoughtful gifts from two of our
favorite dog people,
Mike and Mary. 
Cobb & Chase (& Chase's teddy bear) enjoy the snow in Michigan.

Hank is amazing.  And his calm sweet temperament matches his good looks.  We’ve hardly ever had to correct him he is such a quick learner and wants to please.  
Baron has taught him hand signals and it's beautiful to watch.  The only time he gets aggressive is when it’s time to retrieve and then he is like a line backer-- no stopping him.
We all agree that he is from heaven and the best dog we’ve ever had. 
~Ashley & family in TX

Jeff Sasserson's "Dixie"
British Labrador duck blind
black british lab goose hunt
british lab sleeping after cold goose hunt
British labrador licking owner

Thanks for taking me hunting, Dad~

True Love.

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