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Tallgrass Kennels peaceful still pond with duck decoy on autumn morning.


If you have additional questions, please contact us via email or telephone.

Pricing & Deposits

South Dakota Pheasant tail feathers retrieved by Tallgrass Kennel British ladrador

We offer British lab puppies, started pups and trained dogs. 
Please contact us for availability and pricing. 

Availability will depend upon
numbers, genders & colors whelped.

Currently, we require a $200 deposit to reserve a puppy, started pup or trained dog.  Without exception, our dogs are sold in the order in which the deposits are received.

Shiny black block headed British labrador sitting in canoe by pond at Tallgrass Kennels
yellow british labrador puppy and black british labrador puppy greeting friendly Tallgrass Kennels British adult black labs through the fence.

Getting Your Pup

We prefer you come to our kennel in person to pick up your puppy.  It is required for a started pup or trained dog.
If that is not possible with your puppy, options such as airline flights, transportation services, and shared/personal delivery have been used.
Give us a call to discuss possible alternatives.

tallgrass kennels lab paw print
Robert Clair man cleaning up British labrador dog poop at Tallgrass Kennels during South Dakota winter

The Dakotas or Arkansas?

We lived in both North & South Dakota. And while we loved the Dakotas, we decided winter training would be a lot easier further south!
We are now located in SE Arkansas.


Y'all come see us now, ya hear!

A bunch of black british labs jumping into pond water at Tallgrass Kennels
Tallgrass Kennels British Labradors themometer showing -40 F  in Oakes, ND
Yellow male British lab Started Pup training

Which January would you choose?

labrador cartoon dogs playing poker
funny dog cartoon getting up in the night
dog cartoon sign cast by peeing on it

"Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love."  Ephesians 4:2

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