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Four black Tallgrass British running in blue water at Tallgrass Kennels.


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logo for Chewy online company

Great company to deal with & get dog "stuff".
Our dogs' favorite chews are the Benebones!
They also carry the dog food (Victor) we currently feed.

Chewy Benebone dog chew recommended by Tallgrass Kennels

Our Tallgrass British labs love Chewy! We get most of our dog toys from them, and at one point in time (when they were just starting up), we also ordered ALL of our dog food from them. is a trustable, friendly, quality company,
and our interactions have always been
positive and productive.

If you order from, please use the links on our website-- we get a kickback!
We order a lot from them and recently discovered we could become an affilicate and could be compensated when folks make a purchase via our website links!  

This post contains affiliate links, & we'll be compensated
if you make a purchase after clicking on a Chewy link.

Handpainted kitty cat with thank you card from to Tallgrass Kennels
Kitty Cat Tut sitting on Chewy box
Handpainted Tallgrass Kennels British lab dog pictures by
Dog training book, the Balance by Oliver Kiraly

Book: The Balance by Oliver Kiraly

 This retriever training guide, "The Balance", written by Oliver Kiraly, a friend of ours, is an excellent resource. We HIGHLY recommend this book.  It is well written with wonderful, practical training insight for those of you doing some of your own training.  Contact us to order his book here in the U.S. or check out his website in Hungary.  

Tallgrass Kennels black lab puppy running toward camera

 photo by Andy Dyson

Andy Dyson is a client whose talent & mission we are happy to share. "My family & I endeavor to share the beauty of nature through photographic expression that moves an individual from mere appreciation to conservation action."

Besides taking photos of dogs, Andy enjoys sharing God's creation through his lens.
Check out his work by clicking the link to his website:
Reflections of Nature

Time lapsed photo of Tallgrass British lab jumping for a tennis ball.

Huck time-lapse photo
by Andy Dyson

Photographer Andy Dyson loving on Tallgrass Kennels British black lab puppies.
Foundation Stocks logo
Foundation Stocks owner adjusting scope on rifle stock.

FOUNDATION Stocks rifle stocks are machined from a solid piece of composite,
formed through combining layers of material & resin with intense heat & pressure,
to create an extremely rigid, rugged, durable & stable stock.


"At Foundation Stocks, we build what we believe to be the best foundation available for your precision rifle.
    However, we also believe that one day all those efforts and stocks will fade away, and there is only one Foundation that will have mattered. Our Foundation in Jesus Christ.

    Because of that we want everything we do, say and think to be pleasing to Jesus Christ. We will not always be successful, but our mission is to conduct ourselves and our business in a manner that glorifies Him.

    We would consider it to be a privilege to speak to anyone who would like to know more."

For His Glory,

John-Kyle Truitt

Foundation Stocks LLC

Bible verse Colossians 3:23 on whiteboard


Craftsman carefully sanding rifle stock.
Tallgrass Kennels feeds Victor Dog Food logo
We feed Victor from puppies through adulthood. 

Our dogs have done well on Victor, & we've been pleased with the nutrition, digestability, pricing & availability.
We recommend Victor to all our clients due to our positive experience with this food. If you can't find it locally, carries it.
Also, because of the quality, we are able to feed less, and the dogs have fewer stools (and that's always a "plus", right?!).
And lastly,
thank you, Victor, for being an America loving company!

USA stamp of approval
Dog Food Advisor stamp of approval
Lion Country dog suppies logo

Nice folks who carry helpful dog supplies.
We get our pealess whistles here.

Michael Forsberg Photography logo
Michael Forsberg book on the Great Plains

     Michael Forsberg is a Nebraska native whose 25-year career as a photographer and conservationist has been dedicated to wildlife and conservation stories in North America’s Great Plains, once one of the greatest grassland ecosystems on Earth. His images have been featured in publications including Audubon, National Geographic, Nature Conservancy, and Outdoor Photographer magazines. His fine art prints are in public and private collections, and his solo exhibitions have traveled nationwide.  

Click on the links below to access helpful folks and resources.

Samaritan's Purse Christian humanitarian aide organization logo
focus on the family logo
In Touch with Charles Stanley logo
Insight for Today from Chuck Swindoll
Brindlebay Rafaele, Pickett, Black British Labrador Retriever Tallgrass Kennels dog calendar cover
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