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Customer Comments & Photos 2

We hope you enjoy these pages.

It is a sprinkling of customer comments & photos
as well as some of our favorite photos over the years.

(best viewed on a desk/laptop computer)

DSC_0270 3.JPG
Kramer & Anne never sing,"You ain't nothin' but a hound dog" to their dog, Elvis.
PGA Kramer Hickok with golfing buddy, Tallgrass British black labrador, Elvis
Kramer Hickok and Tallgrass Kennels british lab puppy

Unique golf training workouts ?!

British labrador with his owners Kramer and Anne Hukula Hickock
Woman having fun with british labrador puppies
Tallgrass Kennels puppy pick up
playing with british lab puppies
Elvis Hickok black british labrador golfing
Man hugging british labrador
british lab looking at fish

What do you think, Elvis?

Elvis? ...  golf or goof!?

Sharin' some sugar~


Two of our all time favorite client photos.
There is just so much captured in these shots...

~ toes, teapots, books, dog beds, painted nails, dog toys, smudged pants, loving touches and contented dogs.

lab love

       McGoverns in Alaska      

Instructions upon Hurley's arrival:

don't forget to
keep your toys cleaned up..."

THIS, my friends, is what can happen if you don't follow instructions:


The crime scene.

The suspect.

The victim.

Possible motive?

We are pleased to report
Hurley was reformed,
Rachel outgrew dressing up the family's pets.

Goose is the
He loves to snuggle and likes to share my (Kelsey) pillow at night 😂 (crate training fail).

Goose is so calm,
especially for a puppy.
Everyone who meets him is so impressed. 


We LOVE Goose’s temperament -
calm when we are hanging around the house, & affectionate
but also has the drive to hunt and retrieve. 

Goose is my little shadow
and follows me everywhere.
He is seriously the sweetest dog we’ve ever had. 

We love our littles!

boy ball labrador
Girl and puppy

Seeing double

Two more all time favorite client photo captures!

Training with Tatum & Charlotte

Check out all the priceless
facial expressions...

A great way to help your children practice their reading skills.

Check which local shelters  might welcome this kind of activity.

Gulliver & his gal

Calm British Labrador
cute lab puppy

Yup. The dogs want to be with us ANYwhere, at ANY time.
After they followed me into this tiny bathroom, I hopped in the tub and took this photo to prove it.

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