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Awesome Aeronautical Adventures are within reach!

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Our good friends, Kurt & Kim Vitense, own & operate Velocity Ballooning. Kurt has been a professional international corporate business jet pilot for over 25 years. With a passion for flight, he took up hot air ballooning as his favorite hobby. With invaluable assistance from of his wife, Kim (& other ground crew helpers), he now shares that love of flying by taking families, couples and kids on custom, personalized hot air balloon rides. Kurt & Kim spent a few nights at our place on their way to a balloon festival in MS. We were blessed to be taken up on two hot air balloon rides! {I (Kiply) am not a risk taker, but I had total trust in Kurt as our pilot.} If you need a fun, creative, memory making experience (i.e. marriage proposal, anniversary/graduation celebration), contact VELOCITY BALLOONING!

Velocity Ballooning preparing the hot air balloon for flight.
Kurt & Kim Vitense and Robert preparing for our first hot air balloon flight.

Kurt Vitense Velocity Ballooning filling hot air balloon.
Robert watching Kurt filling the balloon in our field.

View of Tallgrass Kennels British Labs property from Velocity hot air balloon.
View of Tallgrass Kennels property from hot air balloon!

Robert Clair enjoying the view in Arkansas from Velocity Hot Air Balloon.
Robert enjoying the view~

Kurt Vitense Velocity Ballooning
Kurt, our trusty hot air balloon pilot!

Kim Vitense Velocity Ballooning
"See you later, Kim! " ~ Velocity Ballooning ground crew extrordinAIRe! She will follow and evenutally "retrieve" us. (all puns intended!)

Kurt and Kim Vitense, Velocity ballooning
Kurt & Kim packing the balloon up after landing. Everything is well planned, organized and executed.

Velocity Balloon in Arkansa
Quick gentle touch.

Velocity Hot Air balloon shadow over Arkansas field.
We took this photo not too far from our house, where we took off. Other than the propane tank noise now and then, it is quiet, peaceful and still.

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