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Dogs, Golf, & Good Folks

We have been blessed to add quality, humble, kind hearted folks like Kramer and Anne to our Tallgrass family. We'd also like to publicly THANK them for being involved with our South Dakota son's (Noah) annual "Cash Money Skills Camp" last year. Check out this fun video of Elvis on the golf course with his "pawrents", Kramer and Anne.

This excerpt from David Dusek's article after the second-longest playoff in PGA Tour history between Kramer Hickok (Elvis' dad) and Harris English (italics/bold added):

"English finally won on the eighth playoff hole, but what made the scene even more special than the longevity of the playoff was Hickok’s reaction afterward. His parents had flown in from Texas, his wife, Anne, was there, too, and she’d brought Elvis, the couple’s black labrador retriever puppy.

After Elvis stole the show during Hickok’s post-round interview, the family was gathered near the clubhouse, nearly speechless and taking in the day. I chatted with Kramer about the experience. Then his wife approached and asked if I would take a few pictures of everyone. Seeing everyone’s pride in Kramer’s effort, his sportsmanship, and his genuine joy in nearly achieving his dream was inspiring.

The world would be a better place if we all had an attitude like Hickok’s. After giving his all and coming up short, even though he was tired, he didn’t complain or hang his head. He took joy in trying his best and surrounded himself with people who support and love him."

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