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Precious Pet Pawtraits!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

When I first saw this, I was amazed!

Felt pet portrait of a darling black and white chihuahua created by Simone Privara of SP Pet Pawtraits

I was on a crafting page & saw this portrait of a dog that made my heart melt. It looked so realistic ~ the eyes pulling you right in ~ but it was made of felt. Felt artist, Simone Privara uses wool felt to create phenomenal portraits of pets. I proceded to comment on her post, and we began visiting online about her artwork and our mutual love of dogs. I was so impressed by thoses amazingly darling dog faces, I asked if I could do a blog post on her. She graciously gave me permission. As we visited, we exchanged website info. Later, she asked if I would mind if she did a portrait of one of our dogs. I said she was more than welcome (my good friend Shari used some of our dog photos on the block frames she makes... annnnd they sold right away (good looking models, if I do say so myself!)... {Stay tuned for a blog on Something Happy, Shari's work. She has an incredible journey to share!}

Back to this dog blog... I asked Simone if she did commission work. She does...Oooo, what a wonderful gift for someone, esp. one who has lost a special pet. Pawlease enjoy her info and more photos below ~ SP Pet Pawtraits by Simone Privara Simone is orginally from Germany, moved to the U.S. in 2021, and lives in Ohio with her husband and two dogs. She started felting after the loss of her beloved dog, Balu, who died after 15 wonderful years. Thus began her hobby of wool painting dogs. She uses a photo of the dog and "paints" the portrait with wool. She said she finds felting very relaxing. She told me she worked on her own at first and then learned from a British teacher & an American teacher to further her craft. She said it's taken a lot of time and practice to get to where she is presently. She shared that many people comment on how much they love the eyes on her projects (that was what first drew me in!) and that her portraits look like watercolor paintings.

Simone: "The process I use to create 2D pet portraits is called needle felting or painting with wool. I begin with a reference photo which is transferred to a base fabric of wool felt or linen. The quality of the photo is important and affects the likeness of the portrait. Many layers and shades of 100% wool batting are chosen and blended and then stabbed into the base fabric using a notched felting needle. These layers, shades, and highlights are what bring the portrait to life. The method is very time consuming and can often take forty hours or more, but the results is a one of a kind piece of art."

Beginning stages of a wool felt portrait of a black and white chihuahua showing needle, scissors and wool puff.

Finished felt portrait and real photo of little black and white chihuahua dog.

SP Pet Pawtrait logo with french bulldog, put and brown dog felt portraits.

You can contact her on her Facebook page: SP Pet Pawtraits or email her.

Smiling lady in pink shirt holding small black and white Chihuahua under gazebo with fountain, pond and green trees in background
Simone and one of her furbabies

Felt portrait of a black and brown dog in progress under magnifying glass on desk.
A work in progress ~

Felt portrait of llittle black Chihuahua
Simone's first attempt to felt 2 D ~ black Chihuaha

Well, I couldn't figure out how to get this video of Simone felting on here, ut here is the link on her Facebook page : This little fella is SO dang cute!!

Felt portrait of a scruffy tri color little stray dog looking to the side.

Felt wool portrait of little white chihuahua with green scarf.

felt portrait of a tan chihuahua's face stuck through a piece of white bread and photo of the real chihuahua next to the finished portrait
Head in the bread!

Felt portrait of little brown dog's head

Felt portrait of a gold and white lion.

Felt portrait of a happy Saint Bernard dog with saggy lips.

post from satified SP Pet Pawtraits customer of her Boxer dog.

Felt portrait of a tri colored kitty cat with green eyes.

Felt portrait of a tan poodle dog sitting next to the real tan poodle dog.

Mr. Wellington ~ the model... check back to see the finished product!

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