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Sugar and Spice and ... Puppy Dog Tails!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Yes, "Everything Nice" also fits Deanna, but Puppy Dog Tails fits this page best. We came to know Deanna & Chris through my uncle & aunt. Chris & Deanna made the many day journey (& we're talking it's QUITE the expedition with weather, plane timing, hotels, etc... uh...Planes, PAINS, & Automobiles!) from Kodiak, Alaska to Monticello, Arkansas this spring to pick up TWO puppy dog tails! Long story short, Chris had a deposit with us for a yellow male British lab puppy. When his best buddy (my uncle Mark) & my aunt Jill, now living in TN, got a Cavapoochon ("Jenny") around the same time Chris would be getting his yellow lab puppy, another plan was hatched... Let's surprise wife Deanna with HER own puppy, too! So, "Jenny"'s sister "Willow" joined the adventure. We enjoyed spending time with Chris & Deanna, Mark & Jill and alllll the pooches when they rendezvoused here to pick "Bo".

We are happy to report their trip back to AK with 2 puppies in tow went quite well!

Five Tallgrass Kennels yellow british lab puppies on porch with colorful toys
Pick me, Chris and Deanna! Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!

2 brown cavapoochons running in green grass by porch at Tallgrass Kennels
Willow and sister, Jenny, on a tear!

Tallgrass Kennels yellow male british lab puppy and cavapoochon pup sitting on bed
Bo & Willow' ~ matching sib-buds

Bo & Willow having a beach day ~ Kodiak island, Alaska

Now, on to the "Sugar and Spice" portion of this blog... while down here, Deanna & Chris told us about how Deanna freeze dries goodies. We'd never heard of freeze drying treats and were quite intrigued with WHAT and how she does it, so I thought I'd share photos/info in this post!

Colorful glass jar of Dee's Sweets freeze dried skittle candies
Yes, freeze dried Skittles!

Dee's Sweet & Things freeze dried treats booth with bags of candy hanging on display and interesting travel mugs for sale
Deanna makes alllll kinds of things!

Click on the slideshow below to see some of the neat treats Deanna creates!

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