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Tallgrass British Lab mascot for North Country Nutrition in MN!

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

We met Liz as an elementary school girl when she and her dad came to our kennel to choose their family's first Tallgrass pup... the first of a number of Schultz Tallgrass pooches... one of which is "grown up" Liz's dog, Filson.

Smiling young lady entrepreneur holding North Country Nutrition tea with handsome black male Tallgrass British lab
Liz & Filson at North Country Nutrition

MN family posing with Tallgrass British lab dog and puppies
Bill, "Filson", Mona & Liz with Tallgrass puppies!

Young woman dressed in camo with Tallgrass Kennels black british lab in a duck blind ready for duck hunting.
Liz duck hunting with her family's Tallgrass British Lab, Finn

Photos of their trip from MN to AR and back with baby Kash, Liz's parent new Tallgrass puppy. (They were kind, AND game, enough to hand carry two extra puppies back up north for two other families getting Tallgrass puppies.)

Tallgrass British lab mascot on North Country Nutrition tasty shakes tea labels

Don't you just love her stickers?! "Drink Shakes ~ Pet Dogs. North Country Nutrition"

Liz is now the successful owner of North Country Nutrition, a smoothie & juice bar, in Eagan, Minnesota. Her Tallgrass British lab, Filson is the mascot. Filson has his own bed there and customers get to spend time with Filson and even take their photo with him! "It’s a beautiful Sunday for a shake, tea, & Filson love ~ stop in today!"

Tallgrass British lab posing with cute little girl at North Country Nutrition smoothie and juice bar

North Country Nutrition clientele

Mascot Tallgrass british lab posing with clientele of North Country Nutrition
Filson and his followers!

North Country Nutrition is known for providing high-quality protein shakes, energizing teas, tasty treats, 1:1 coaching and good vibes!

NCN offers 1:1 personal wellness coaching and also TEAM "coaching"... teaching how to fuel the body properly, how to provide proper nutrients to perform at a high level, & offering products to help achieve good results. They'd be happy to partner with you, personally &/or your team. ~local soccer team | Liz & employee @ the Minnesota Vikings training facility~

It's hard to believe (when drooling over the photos below), but North Country Nutrition's delicious treats are tasty AND good for you. Liz offers all kinds of opportunities, fun specials and deals ~ could be Filson's Birthday, Spring Celebration, Customer Appreciation, Surprise Friday Special, Student Discount, Wednesday Night Happy Hour... Check her site out regularly & see what her next fun idea is!

SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE! (on some products)

Liz : "Ever since I was a youth athlete, I have consumed Herbalife Nutrition products to enhance my athletic performance and my overall health & wellness. I decided to follow in my mom’s footsteps to pursue Herbalife Nutrition as a full-time occupation, and I couldn’t be more excited!! Opening my nutrition club and jumping into this business full time has been the biggest blessing for me. I wake up excited to go to work. I’m able to use my passion for helping others in their health and fitness journey (along with my nutrition degree), I get to help people with their financial journey, and I’m able to have time freedom!"

Liz has also achieved great things with Herbalife and recently qualified VIP Platinum for Herbalife's Extravaganza! Said of this accomplishment: "This level requires hard work and consistency. She is an amazing leader doing amazing things!!" Liz's parents, Bill & Mona, have been her biggest supporters. Her mom also owns a nutrition shop (Alexandria Nutrition in Alexandria, MN) and has been an accomplished Herbalife distributor for over 25 years.

Oh, did we mention, Liz hunts, too?! Pheasant & waterfowl hunting with her best buddy dad & their Tallgrass Kennels British labradors.

Contact Liz (or Mona) if you'd like to find out about the delicious and healthy (yes, you can have both!) products or if you'd like to learn more about Herbalife and being your own boss. Or maybe you'd just like to have a photo of handsome Mr. Filson! North Country Nutrition 1380 Duckwood Dr, Eagan, MN 55123-1034 (320) 460-0413

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