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Tallgrass British labs love

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

This post contains affiliate links, & we'll be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on a Chewy link.

Our Tallgrass British labs love Chewy! We get most of our dog toys from, and at one point in time (when they were just starting up), we also ordered ALL of our dog food from them. is a trustable, friendly, quality company, and our interactions have always been positive and productive. They run specials all the time, so check out this photo link below to find out "Today's Deals".

Retriever, fish, cat looking at Deal of the Day box full of items!

I had taken number of photos of our kitty & dogs with their products and sent the photos to Chewy, explaining they were more than welcome to use the photos for any advertising needs. One day we received a package from Chewy with handpainted pictures of our dogs & Kitty Tut! (see photos below or check out our Links page)

handpainted portraits from of Tallgrass Kennels british black labs with dog toys
The Boys and Chewy Toys

Hand painted portrait of Tallgrass Kennels kitty cat and Thank you note from
Kitty Tut handpainted portrait with Thank You card from

Handsome cat sitting on box
Kitty Tut atop a tower of boxes

Benebones are some of our dogs' favorites. You can often get a good combo deal around CHRISTmas time, too. If we are aware of a good Chewy deal or a product that has been Tallgrass "tried & tested", we'll try to post about them, so feel free to check back from time to time.

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