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Tallgrass dog certified as Montana's 1st First Responders therapy dog!

Danny and his dad drove to our kennel almost a decade ago (when we lived in South Dakota) to pick up Danny's British black labrador puppy, "Jack". Danny is a firefighter and paramedic for the city of Missoula, MT and now his British lab buddy, "Jack", is part of the team, too.

Jack officially started this spring (2024) and is the FIRST DOG CERTIFIED to support first responders IN THE STATE OF MONTANA! It's well known that dogs can help lower stress, heart rate, and blood pressure.

It's also well known that first responders are continually exposed to stressful situations which wear them down physically, mentally and emotionally. Jack's job is to "help reduce stress at the station and help make it feel more like a home."

~photo courtesy Emily Brown/MTN news

~Click on the links to view videos about Danny's dog, Jack, and the history of the roles dogs have filled for fire department. As Jack shared with Emily Brown with KPAX in Missoula (see video link below),

"It's okay not to be okay after some of these calls. And Jack just kind of represents that focusing on mental health or therapy is not necessarily a bad thing even though we don't like talking about it. We're trying to do better at that and knowing that the healthier we are physically and mentally, we'll be able to serve our community better."  We are proud to have another certified therapy dog on our Tallgrass team. Thank you Danny, Jack, & all first responders! We appreciate all you do and sacrifice to help others~

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