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The Upland Almanac

New life has been breathed into the quarterly magazine The Upland Almanac thanks to one of our clients, Ernie Foster* & his team. This quality publication has been garnering appreciative reviews from past & new readers, alike. Celebrating the adventures, traditions and the camaraderie of upland bird hunting, it features articles on hunting stories & gear, conservation efforts, hunter profiles and of course, gun dogs! *Ernie is Willie Nelson Foster's "dad" (WNF has been the star of a few our of blogs- scroll through to find him). Check out a few of the pages, below, & follow the link to subscribe &/or order a gift subscription!

The Upland Almanac magazine cover chukar on rocks
Chukar Trio ~ Garrison Doctor
The Upland Almanac magazine reader comments
Reader Comments

"Whether you're an experienced hunter or just starting out, our magazine is your go-to resource for expert tips, thrilling stories, and the latest gear reviews. Join our community of passionate hunters by subscribing today, and never miss an issue packed with valuable insights and exciting adventures in the world of small bird hunting. Subscribe now and take your hunting skills to new heights with us!"

The Upland Almanac owner's letter
The Upland Almanac owner's Thank You from Ernie Foster

The Upland Almanac magazine's information

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