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~ ceLABrity news from Alaska ~

Made it home, Timber is a ceLABrity! Stewardesses insisted on holding him, they took selfies with him, pilot held him and when they announced Wrangell stop, they said “good bye Timber”. He did so good:) We just love him so much! Thank you for such a wonderful puppy❤️

Oh, and Max is interested but not acting aggressively. They sniffed noses. I think they’ll be wonderful brothers😎

Tallgrass British Lab leaving Arkansas

Tallgrass British Labradors & Alaska Airlines love!

Tallgrass Kennels British Labs love kitty cats, too!

Dearest Kiply and Robert,

My new mom and dad are doing great! They seem to be very interested and excited with my poop and pee, but hey, everyone has their quirks and I won’t hold it against them 🙊

Water keeps falling from the sky, and I’ve decided that I just don’t care for it, but with all the happy dancing after I potty, it makes it kinda fun…kinda.

Lots of different humans have held me. Wrangell is just so darn nice, so glad I’m here!

Give my parents a hug from me, and let my sibs know I still remember them all❤️

Tallgrass British lab sleeping puppy

Tallgrass Kennels British Lab puppy on beach Wrangell, Alaska

Tallgrass British puppy's first boat ride in Alaska

Handsome Tallgrass Kennels young male British Labrador

Tallgrass British Lab male pup sitting

Timber, the lap lab

Tallgrass Labrador sitting in owner's lap


Tallgrass black male british lab chew toy lap time!

Keep checking back for more "Timber ceLABrity news from Alaska" ...

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