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Tallgrass Strays & Kitties & Bostons~ Oh, my!

So, I wanted to share the rest of our wonderful pack! Sorry, it's going to be heavy on the Boston Terrier... too many cute videos to choose from... (I hope you enjoy all the photos and videos as much as I do!) SUMMER 2015: We picked up a little stray dog (part Norwich Terrier, perhaps??) and a little lost kitten along the way. "Cuzi" (aka The Cuteness), the dog, is still with us, but sadly, Kitty passed away a few yrs ago.

WINTER of 2023: Robert didn't get a deer but brought home a different furry animal. Bobkitty... because he looked like a little bobcat at first. Now, he's called Spykitty or just "Kitty". He's so friendly & cuddly annnd a little naughty (he opens our cabinet doors and gets in).

CHRISTMAS 2023: A few yrs back, when I mentioned wanting to get a Boston terrier someday, Grammy (R's mom) had commented, "Don't you have enough dogs?", to which I responded, "No. We don't have a Boston terrier." After trying & trying to adopt through BT rescue organizations (they all said no, because we didn't have a fenced in yard and had intact dogs...), we found a local gal who had a little 10 week old male puppy left... and our lives were enhanced on December 25, 2023 when "Oxford" joined our pack. ( I'm a tad bit obsessed with him...)

YUP, they all keep us entertained! Welcome to the ARKansas Ark!

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